Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Hair

Can I just say that one of my biggest unintentional "accomplishments" of 2020 has been "converting" my mom to the natural hair community? It started out as an experiment back in April (twisting her hair instead of straightening it), then she kept asking me to twist her hair, and then she completely skipped the YouTube tutorial phase and went straight to buying natural hair products (Carol's Daughter, the Slap, Afrocentric headbands, detangling combs, etc.).

She wore her hair in fresh two-strand twists when we went to Louisville in October, and she was nervous about what the family might say about her new hairstyle. But then people in the family complimented her on it, and now she's not even thinking about having me straighten her hair again anytime soon. She tried something new, she's embraced her hair in a new and unprecedented way, and I helped her do that. My, my, my.

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