Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My feet hurt...

Wow. You never realize how much you walk in a day until you have to wear uncomfortable shoes and are forced to slow down. I'm not even trying to be metaphorical, that's literally what I did today. Haha.

I applied for a job for which I was sure that I was unqualified, and what do you know! I got an interview. Now of course you have to dress appropriately for these things, so I put on dress pants. But because I'm so short I had to wear heels so I wouldn't walk on my pants. I wore those pretty shoes all day, all around campus. Now I'm sitting here ready to chop my feet off and sell them away, haha! Today I looked really good, but I was so uncomfortable. And just as I suspected/hoped, when I got to the interview today, the man never even looked at my feet! All that pain and suffering for nothing.

I know that celebrities and the like say stuff like "beauty is pain". But it's not. From the view of onlookers: I'm walking around with these short, hard steps, frequently looking at the ground to keep from falling, with my face in a perpetual expression of concern and/or misery because I'm uncomfortablenow how in the world is any of that beautiful? And from my own view: If my own beauty is for myself to discern and enjoy, and I'm in too much pain to enjoy it, what sense is there in that? There is none.

Don't get me wrong, I love heels and how they look on my feet. Wearing them isn't always painful, it can even be fun. I just think that we as women put up with too much just so that we can earn the designations of "pretty" and "acceptable".

Eh well, at least I did well in the interview. I'm not getting any high hopes, but we'll see what happens!

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