Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Thoughts, New Blog!

I just turned 20, started practicing yoga, and decided to be more open to trying new things and not taking everything so seriously. So I thought it would be fitting to start fresh with a new blog.

Why Deela?
 My name is Danielle, and no one calls me "Deela".  So why Deela? When I was in elementary school we went on a field trip to Jeeper's (an indoor amusement park for kids), and since this was elementary school we all had name tags. And I'll never forget, there was this one insufferable jerk of a boy who decided to follow me all around the place, harassing me. For some reason he kept calling me "Deela". He was older than me, so I assumed he could read. He had eyes that worked, so I assumed he wasn't blind. And how he got "Deela" from "Danielle", I don't know. But that name-that-wasn't-my-name stayed in my mind. I guess for internet persona purposes, Deela is a less common, cooler, and more memorable name than Danielle. So Deela it is.

Why Sees?
I'm not much of a talker. Sometimes people tell me that I seem really outgoing and confident, but honestly I fake it. I'm really shy, so I have to push myself. I'd much rather prefer to watch and listen. They say you always need to beware of the quiet ones, and in a way that's true because we notice everything! Or at least I feel like I do. Sometimes I notice things that others don't, and sometimes I think about things in a different away. So I'm going to try my best to be open and share my observations and thoughts (what I "See") with you. They might not blow you away at first or at all, but hopefully they'll become more interesting as I start my travels this year and approach the big 2-1.

So yeah, this is DeelaSees. I've also started a YouTube channel of the same name, but I haven't decided what to put on it yet. Videos of me singing/talking about songwriting? Travel vlogs? Randomness? Who knows.

Anyway I'm glad to be here, starting something new.

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