Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thoughts that Came to Me this Morning

It's okay to recognize that someone isn't on your level.
It doesn't mean that you are better than that person or have the right to look down on her. But if:

1) That person has habits, goals, or ways of thinking that aren't in line with the direction you're trying to go in
2) That person doesn't challenge you (in a good way) or help you to become a better person yourself
3) You genuinely don't enjoy that person's company anyway

Then there's really no need to keep them around.

You have absolutely no reason, nor obligation, to feel bad about severing all connections with unnecessary people.
Precisely because they are unnecessary.

It's okay to change your mind.
I tried, but it still didn't work. I still don't have nearly as much ill will for you as I did in the beginning. But I'm going back to my original intentions and I will erase you from my life. I was right the first time. You are dead weight. And as I said the first time...

...after this is over I hope I never see your face again. God bless.

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