Thursday, June 23, 2016

Things People Give Me #26

Turns out paying it forward is rewarded sometimes.

I've been kinda neglecting myself this week and haven't been taking food to work with me the past three days. Been waking up feeling like I just want to get up and get out, so I go to work unbothered, resolving to tap away all day at that computer and not be fazed by any hunger that surfaces until it's time to go home. I've done it before, so I wasn't expecting this week to be any different. Oh, but it was! On Tuesday one department had a lunch meeting and another department had an in-office party, and both had food left over, so I ended up with two full meals on someone else's dime. Then yesterday, in return for making a work-related connection for some people I was handed a Panera gift card and told, "Have lunch on me today". And then today, one of those people gave me a small package of gratitude from their mom. A card, a brownie, a lottery ticket, and a penny to scratch it with. 

What a surprise, it was free food all around for me this week!  I'm not so adept at asking for things, but if it's offered I will gladly take it. Thanks to Barb, Jess, Mrs. L, and my overly-prepared co-workers. I was being lazy and stubborn but still ended up fed thanks to y'all!

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