Friday, October 28, 2016

Friendship Visions

Last night I dreamt about one of my dear college friends, Esse, whom I haven't had a real conversation with since we graduated back in May of last year. The dream wasn't so eventful, other than that she was extremely fit (fitness had become her new passion in life), and we were somehow settled in to watch some American colonial-era theatrical production, two young modern black women surrounded by colonial-looking audience members (picture white people, big ol' white wigs, lots of lace, ruffles, and wide petticoats). But anywho.

I had that dream and didn't say anything to anyone about it. Then after work today, I go to a local bookstore to blow of some steam and wait out traffic, and my phone starts vibrating. And whose name do I see on the screen when I dig my phone out of my pocket? Esse's! We had the best conversation catching up with each other, shooting the breeze, exchanging ideas about the next moves we want to make in our young lives, what we miss and don't miss (or in my case, will and won't miss) about Michigan. I didn't even have that much steam to blow off today, but nonetheless I felt such great release from chatting with her. Relieved isn't event the word.

It's Friday, I got some new books, and I got to hear the voice of one of my dearest friends. It's so nice to know that people you like still like you back. Thanks to Esse for remembering me, calling me out of the blue, affirming my "vision" from last night (haha) and making my day today!

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