Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Losing Gracefully.

I went to a bowling alley with a friend yesterday. We bowled two games. We are both mediocre players, so we kept pace with each other's low scores at first. Then she got ahead of me, sure to win. To our mutual bewilderment, I got a spare on my 9th turn and two strikes on my 10th turn, beating her by 10 points in the end.

That was the first game.

The second game, despite my best efforts I went on a supreme losing streak. I bowled eight times (4 turns) and I got absolutely nothing. I lost that game by over 30 points.

I bowled my best ever game and my worst ever game back-to-back.

Sometimes the proverbial "L's" come swiftly after a major high, and you just have to take them gracefully.

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