Thursday, February 14, 2013

Silent War: 0-for-2 when it comes to roomates.

I cannot believe this is happening again. My first roommate experience last year did not go well for various reasons. Basically I went in blind, didn't click at all with the person  (aka "The Princess") I was placed with , and it got to the point that we didn't have a single conversation second semester.

I was able to make a lot more friends than I'd expected, one of whom I planned to room with this year. But she pulled out to apply for an RA job, and I had already signed up for my spot in the room. And I was deteremined to not. go. in. blind. again. So I convinced another friend (aka "Miss Thang") to room with me, and I was actually really excited about it. We had some things in common and I admired her because she was a lot of things that I wasn't. I guess I wanted her to be my friend because I thought she was cool, and thought this would be a growing experience for both of us. I had this typical college life fantasy of us spending all this time together, becoming besties for life, and so on.

Boy, how much things can change in a year.

I can't even stand to hear this girl's name, and her very presence just makes me tense up. I chose my roommate this time around, but again, second semester has rolled around and we do not talk. I kid you not, we'll be in the room together for hours and not say a single word to each other. We're even in the same small class at 9am every morning, but we still do not talk. The silence is more broken up than last semester's, though. For the most part she ignores me, avoids me, doesn't talk to me. But every now and then we'll have these talking spells that last a day or two. And then another round of silence. This round has lasted 8 days so far.

There are various reasons why things happened the way they did, but I won't get into them (although I will say that she stopped talking first). I'm just writing to say that I'm over this situation. I was nice and positive, I even gave her the benefit of the doubt and ignored numerous warning signs, and I addressed the problems directly when I noticed them happening. But it all came to nothing, and I'm over it. So to you I say this, Kammy:

People are who they are. I get that. But who you are and what you do are not conducive to the life I am trying to live. You are an obstacle, you are dead weight. So I'mma need you to exit stage left and stay out of my way.  Whether you move out soon like you said you would or I have to be stuck with you until the end of the semester, after this is over I hope I never see your face again. God bless.

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