Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Met Talib Kweli!?! Say What Now?!

7:30pm- Got snazzy and set off for Grand Rapids (my first time!) with three friends to see Talib Kweli at the The Pyramid Scheme

9:00pm- Doors opened (the doors were supposed to open at 8)

10:00pmish- A.B. (first opening act) performed!

11:30pmish- Mama Sol (second opening act) performed! I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

1:00amish- Talib Kweli FINALLY performed!

2:40amish- The four of us grabbed some food at Grand Coney

3:40amish- Got to my friend's house, met her mom, and crashed on her floor (all four of us side by side like they used to have children do in the good old days)

Saturday 2/9
11amish- Woke up and hung around talking and eating

2:30pmish- Headed back to EL

This past weekend, I managed to get beer thrown on me; witness two fights; have the misfortune of inadvertently making friends with a white woman whom the four of us nicknamed "Drunk Jen"; meet the mom and sister of one of my college besties; eat Eritrean food for the first time; sit in on/participate in multiple debate-conversations about nothing, and.... MEET TALIB KWELI!

He looked sooo exhausted and I felt bad about bothering him. But he was really nice, shook all of our hands, asked all of our names. Thanks S for being brave enough to ask his DJ to meet him after the show, and thanks random drunk white guy who literally pushed me into the photo.

First Grand Rapids/club/hip-hop concert/Eritrean home experience = SO MUCH FUN! My weekend was insane, but I loved it!

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