Thursday, February 7, 2013

Things People Give Me #1

I decided to start a series on this blog called "Things People Give Me". Despite what people like to say, no one gets by in life all on their own, and I think it's good to take time every now and then to acknowledge moments when people give you things. Giving is a phenomenal action and receiving is a phenomenal experience. No one in this world is obligated to give you anything, so when you receive something for an unselfish reason, it's really a blessing.
Let's try not to notice how huge my forehead is in this photo...
Today the black caucus in my dorm decided to have Valentine's Day bingo, and I won a $25 dollar Meijer gift card! I originally went because a pair of Beats by Dre was the grand prize and I figured, I don't even use my mp3 player, but those headphones are really popular these days so why not? Obviously I didn't win them, but this gift card is so much better. I won't have to pay for groceries with my own money until March! Isn't it wonderful how sometimes you get what you need instead of what you want?
Thanks, Shaw Hall Black Caucus!

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