Thursday, February 14, 2013

Things People Give Me #2 (Valentine's Day Edition!)

Happy Valentines Day!

I didn't expect anything this year, just like I never expect anything any year. But alas, like most years, I was surprised!

In Japanese class today, my friend gave me an intentionally corny handmade card, just like she did last year. Apparently she searched the Internet for the corniest pickup line she could find, and since I'm a polisci major who's always writing she thought I'd enjoy this one. And I did. Thanks, Lauren!

"I'm writing a paper on the finer things in life, and was wondering if I could interview you." I've never heard this one before. Do guys really say this?
Another acquaintance of mine gave me candy. She gave everyone in Japanese class candy, but only a few people had bags with their names on them. I was one of them, and that made me feel good that she thought about me even though we haven't been able to talk in a while. Even though I don't eat candy and will probably just give it to Ma when I see her, I really appreciated this. Thanks, Jordan!

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