Friday, August 7, 2015

168 Asian Mart!!!

About two months ago, largest Asian supermarket in the Midwest just had its grand opening 20-some minutes away from me. It's called 168 Asian Mart and it's the best. No, for real, the best! It's not only got your grocery needs (Asian goods as well as cheap produce and cheap almost everything!), it's also got a bakery, a boba/ice cream counter, a gift and trinket shop, and a modest food court where you can get dim sum from 9am-3pm or bento from 3pm-9pm. So you can shop, shop and eat, or just come to eat. Like I did, after I finished snooping around all the aisles of course. My curiosity and my afternoon hunger have been satiated, and I'm so satisfied! I only took a few pictures, but follow the link below to take a look!

The Happiest Place on Earth, a.k.a. 168 Asian Mart

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