Monday, August 3, 2015


When he bases your salvation and your goodness on whether you talk to and "respect" him or not, as if he's God's privileged personal assistant. When he can't conceive of you having your own mind and refuses to accept that he's not in any way necessary in your life, no malice intended. When he endeavors to remind you that you are where you are because of his donation, as if 1) you don't know basic biology and 2) you owe him something. When he tries to make you feel bad for what he's done wrong. When he tries to go behind your back and ask your mom if your mind's being poisoned and made obstinant by the "Queen James Bible", as if you and your mom don't already spend hours sharing and cackling over the evidence he keeps sending both of y'all to incriminate himself...

Your dad might be a hotep, among other things.

And listen, you don't have to accept any of that mess from anyone, including your parents.


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