Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Before we all perish." -_-

In today's episode of white supremacy/conservative paranoia/TakeAmericaBack BS at the bookstore:

Just before the end of my shift at customer service this afternoon, I was called over to the cash registers to wrap two books for a customer. An up-in-age suburban white lady. One of these books was Plunder and Deceit, yet another publication by an educated bozo, the value of which this up-in-age  suburban white lady made a point of impressing upon me while I wrapped her purchases. She's got grandkids in college, and is buying this book for all of them because apparently this book has the key to solving all our problems, and without it young people won't be able to save all 320 million of us from imminent doom due to government overreach:

 "This is the generation that's gotta turn things around. Before we all perish."

....Excuse you?

Explain to me, up-in-age suburban white lady, how your life is in danger when you have:
1. The resources to drive or be driven to one of the largest bookstore franchises in one of the whitest, richest areas of the whitest, richest county in Michigan.

2. The money to pay for hardcover and leatherbound books at full or even slightly discounted price.

3. The time to not only wait to have said books wrapped, but also to spout off your non-knowledge to a complete stranger and try to lecture her about the art of wrapping gifts because apparently she wasn't doing it right.

 (Well dang! If you know so much, why didn't you just ask for someone to cut the paper for you so you could do it ya durn self instead of slowing me down with your unnecessary input? I stopped what I was doing and left my post to help you. I am doing you a favor. I am not a child. I am no one's dummy. And I'm certainly not one of your lil pampered, sheltered, entitled, bootstraps myth-brainwashed grandkids. Fall. back.)

Access, money, free time! Oh the horror! Oh the peril!

You're worried about the government getting too much into your business? When there are people out here who can't even read, much less afford to buy a brand new book like you're doing right now? When there are people out here being abused/killed everyday just because of what they look like?

What you refuse to acknowledge is that you are the government. YOU! Most of the people in it look like, are in the same age range as, have a similar socioeconomic background as, and think just. like. you. The government, this entire nation, is working for people like you. YOU! And you call yourself saving the world with your dramatics? 

Eff outta here with that BS. "Thank you and have a great day!" -_-

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