Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Favorite Song of the Year (so far!)

Ugh, this song. YAAAS, this song! This song is a godsend!

When I'm unnerved from dealing with rude customers at work. When I want to get my mind right. When I just need to get my bones movin', blood flowin', and butt jigglin'. This song is there. It's just full of so much self-love, finesse, and bold dignity. It makes me want to look all my problems and all those rude people in the face, yell "BYE, FOOL!" and hit a smooth shmoney dance before waving them off like the stench from yesterday's trash and strutting away. The beat is one thing, but the lyrics! The lyrics are sophistiratchet gold! Oh, let me count the ways:

I'm a classic man
You can be me when you look this clean/

I got charm like a leprechaun, mummaf***a
Now y'all f***in' with the wrong mummaf***a/

I'm the- I'm the man, who are you, mu'f***a?
Shine bright like a jewel, mu'f***a
Even under fire I'm cool, mu'f***a/

The ladies on my elbow ain't for the show 
Every madame on my team is a top general, oh/

How can you not believe that you're the brightest, most beautiful, most capable, most resilient being to ever walk the earth after listening to this song? I sing and hum "Classic Man" to myself to keep me sane.

Jidenna, our resident classic man. Many thanks and blessings to you, sir! Walkin' round dressing and carrying yourself like somebody's smoothly distinguished uncle or grandpappy. Go 'head on!

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