Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Best Compliment from a Customer!

Today I answered a call from two sistas seeking to order a particular book series through our store. Well, actually one woman was on the phone with me while confirming things with the other and telling her to jot things down, but you catch my drift. At first there was some confusion, as not all the titles they had in mind matched the ones that came up when I searched our system. (Turns out that the author wrote two successive series whose titles are identical save for a one-word difference.) Once we'd figured that out, I thought we'd be good. But then, after I answered their subsequent questions about shipping time, shipping fees, membership benefits, and being able to order books from us without stepping foot in the store, the women decided wisely against ordering anything for now.

Sista: You know what? I think I better go and check which ones we've read and which ones we might've given away to people. That way we can be sure which ones we need to order, and then I'll call you again.

Danielle: Ok, that's fine.

Sista: Now, what's your name again?

Me: Danielle.

Sista: Danielle, ok─[to her friend in the background] Write that down! Her name's Danielle. We'll call and ask for her later.

Me [checking the time to see that I should've clocked out five minutes ago]: Well, you know, I actually won't be here for much longer today. But whoever answers the phone when you call back should be able to help you, no problem.

Sista [sounding disappointed]: Oh... But you're so good! We want to talk to you!

Me [laughing to keep from crying at how nice this lady is being]: Aww, thank you! I really appreciate that!

Sista: Yeah, you've been extremely helpful. So you will be in later, right? Just not today?

Me: Right.

Sista: Well that's okay, because I probably won't be able to call again today anyhow. So I'll just call some other time this week and maybe we'll catch you.

Me: Alright then. Y'all have a great day!

Sista: You too. And thank you! Bye.

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