Saturday, July 4, 2015

DOPE Dozing (Saturday 6/27)

It's our last full day, and my feet are STILL swollen. I mean I've gone into full-on Miss Piggy mode: my ankles have disappeared!  I've never had cankles a day in my life,  but I have them now. I haven't been too worried since my feet and ankles haven't been hurting, but my left ankle and top of  my left foot are particularly stiff. which I'm sure isn't a good sign. Ma's already decided for me that we're going to get it checked out first thing after she picks me up from the airport tomorrow, so I just need to get through today.

With Nay off work again, the plan was to make it a lunch and a movie kind of day. Our first stop was a Chili's in Hiram, second stop was Movies 278 to see the new movie DOPE and take advantage of their special matinee ticket price of $5.75. Stuffing ourselves and then trying to sit down for a movie immediately afterward probably wasn't the best idea, but just like with standing in line for the club late last night, we decided to take our chances.

And chile, everybody but Neesh dozed on and off through that movie! Not necessarily because it was boring (although it was a lot slower and less funny than advertised), but because we were so stuffed from Chili's and tired from not sleeping much last night. Since this was my first time going to the movies since January, I'd intended on writing about DOPE for my "Infrequent Filmgoer" series, but there's really no point since my eyes didn't stay open consistently enough for me to tell you much about it. Look, if you like movies about teen/high school angst or finding yourself, and enjoy stories about being young, being black, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to get out of the hood, or not fitting in (or all of the above) then this movie is for you. View it once just to see what all the hype is about. Meh, or not, whatever you want to do. I will give them credit for the impressive blending of 90's styling in contemporary times (since people have been recycling fashion trends from the 90s lately). And they demonstrate the boggling extent to which almost anything can be accomplished or facilitated via technology these days That's about all I can say. This Blavity article explains my sentiments about the film more clearly than I care to.

After that, the rest of  today consisted of just chilling back at the house and watching Nay paint something for her co-ed fraternity while playing old episodes of Wild N' Out. Just a note that Nay is not merely a jack of all trades, but a superhero. She slays hair, she's gone to culinary school, she paints, she's a full-time college student, she works at an amusement park, she has her own apartment apart from her dad's house....she. does. it. all. #Blackgirlmagic is she.

Welp, there you have it. Our week in Georgia has come to an end. And despite all my griping this week, I can't really call it a bust because I learned quite a lot about my family that I might not have if we all hadn't agreed to spend this time together in such close quarters. Don't get me wrong, I'll be glad to be get out of here tomorrow and return to Michigan where no drama awaits me. But I also feel bad that things got as
ugly as they did, between Cousins A and B particularly. This has the potential to be either an opportunity for relationships to mend and flourish, or the beginning of a decades-long grudge. Either way it's up to them, and time will tell. For now all I can say is that I don't regret taking this trip at all. Thanks to Nay and Chris for their prosperity. And thanks to whoever's out there for reading. Goodnight, and Peace out.

More photos from the trip:

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