Sunday, July 12, 2015

Harper Lee hype

This phone conversation I had with a customer yesterday made me giggle:

Customer: Hello. Do you have that new Harper Lee book?

Me: Go Set a Watchman? No, that doesn't come out until Tuesday. The 14th. But we'll most definitely have it that day. We have a bunch coming in, so in the meantime I can reserve you a copy so that one will already be set aside for you.

Customer: Oh yes! Please do that!

[after having processed the reservation]

Customer: What time will you be open on Tuesday? I want to be there early.

Me: We're opening at 7am that day.

Customer: Whoa! 7am?! I'll be there early, but not that early!

Me: Haha well that's fine.

Customer: 7am, wow... Is there something else going on? Is Harper Lee going to be there or something?

Me (trying not to bust out laughing): ...No sir. It's just that the book is such a big deal, and people are so excited about it that we're opening really early to make sure anyone and everyone has a chance to get their hands on it here.

Customer: I see. Well thank you so much. See you Tuesday!

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