Friday, February 19, 2016

Everyday Writing - Day 1

While I was up late last night listening to a podcast and thinking about things way past what should've been my bed time, I had a great idea! I'm going to start writing creatively again! Three years I've been running this blog, and I still love it, but it's gotten a little stale for me. Most of the time I write about other people's work or about things that happen to me (which I'll continue to do and is creative in its own way, mind you), but I realized late last night that I hardly take the time to use my voice to create something new. Flex those imaginative muscles. So with the help of Steph Buchanan's Writing Prompts that Don't Suck, I'm challenging myself to see what I can do. Everyday, starting today. Let's get started.

WPTDS #1: Person, Place, Thing
Write a story using these three things: a paper clip, a hospital, an exotic dancer

"I mean, Blue. I like stalling like the best of them. But you know waiting out your nerves from inside the building is an option too."

"I told you I don't like hospitals. Take me home."

"What about the lobby? I'll go in with you and we can sit together."

"The lobby still counts, Violet. Besides, I'm already stuck with you holding me hostage in this car."

"Well, you wouldn't have to be stuck with me if you'd just go up and see him. Everybody's been to visit him except for you. He'll be disappointed if you don't show your face."

"Wouldn't he be more disappointed knowing that I was tricked into coming?  I'm minding my business enjoying my nap when you wake me up yelling, 'Hey cousin! Let's go for some red velvet!'.  I get in the car and you bring us here. Does this look like a bakery to you? I put pants on for this! You owe me for lying and for wasting my time. I'll accept payment in the form of the cake you promised, an apology, taking me home, and not saying another word to me for the rest of the─"

"Fine! I'll do that. Okay? I'm sorry. You win! But let's go in there first. Come on, now. You don't have to say 'Sorry it took me so long' or any of that. Just tell him 'Hi' and 'I love you' and we can leave."

"Nah. I'm good. Take me home, and take that stupid paper clip out of your hair before you try to tell me anything about anything! You look silly."

"Hey now! You know I got all this hair that gets in the way when I'm working. They already don't like to have girls with natural hair up on that pole, so I need to at least see what I'm doing. I get paid to be seductive, not fall on my behind. And I keep losing bobby pins, so I improvised. I told you it was cute when you did it."

"That's because it was cute when I did it.  Stop playing games with me, Violet. Please just take me home. I won't go in there and see him looking like that. I know the real Grandpa, and the real Grandpa's not just somebody's hospital patient."

"Looking like what? How would you know when you haven't even seen him yet? It's not like he's dying, Blue. He'll be back home by next week." 

"But he was sick enough to be cooped up in there in the first place though, right? Well then. That's just not something I can handle. I'll see him when y'all bring him home."

"Girl! For real! He's in there. Eighth floor. In his bed, checking each person who passes by his door, trying his hardest to see out the window, looking for you. Haven't you made him wait long enough? He's expecting you!"

"No he's not."

"I bet you a red velvet and a pineapple upside-down that he is."

"...Hold up. Y-You told him I was coming?! No way! How do I know this isn't another trick?"

"Wanna risk flaking on Grandpa and breaking his heart to find out?"

"Ugh, alright fine! Make me sick, a girl can't even take a nap and─Violet let me out of this car! Not gonna have me lookin' like a jerk on account of you. Play too much. Let's go! I'm telling Grandpa about all this. And you still owe me cake!"

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