Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Restroom Tea.

Oh, the juicy tidbits that just happen to take up residence in your ears when you're sitting silently in a restroom stall, and the person in the stall next to you doesn't know (doesn't care?) that anyone else is in the room to hear them...

The quintessentially sweet, soft-bodied, gentle-voiced, middle-aged white Midwestern mom. The simultaneous supervisor's pet and most vocal utterer of valid concerns, occassionally necessary doubts, petty complaints. The person with the most stellar on-time record on the team.  Is. Over. This. Ish. And. Has. Been. Orchestrating. Her. Escape. This. Whole. Time. And, calling out the peanuts nature of compensation around here. AND, predicting the demise of said dubiously sustainable team to boot!

I never would have imagined that someone else on this team would have flimsier patience for their occupation than I do. Everyone seems so chummy and satisfied all the time. So... settled. She seemed the most contentedly settled out of all of us! But it turns out that my colleague has a dark side, and I'm impressed. And she's in an even better position than me because apparently she's got options lined up already. Yes, plural! Options!

Sometimes God speaks to you through other people and you just have to chuckle, make note of it, and get in formation. Fourth day of the year, and here comes confirmation through an inadvertently eavesdropped phone conversation. Duly noted, Lord. Duly noted.

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