Monday, January 26, 2015

A Girl and Her Outdoor Nighttime Singing Practice.

What luck! I just wrote the other day about walking alone at night, and tonight (late night Sunday) I had a strange yet refreshing encounter while walking "home" from studying. People say music brings people together...

I was nearing my dorm when I noticed this Asian girl walking in the same direction as me on the opposite side of the street. I didn't pay her much mind until I heard singing. I hadn't heard it at first because my earmuffs had stifled the noise. But once I noticed it, I stopped. Because she sounded superb, and from what I could tell she was singing a Japanese song. I was stunned. Is this girl really just walking up and down the street singing like that? That she was.

The girl glanced over to see me looking at her and abruptly halted. She was embarrassed. "Sorry," she tried to explain, "I usually try to stay away from residential areas..." And I assured her, "No, no, you sound really good, your voice is beautiful!" But then that only seemed to embarrass her more. "Thanks... I don't hear that very often." And I told her "Well, I mean it. You're not bothering me at all, so carry on. I'll leave you be. But always keeping singing okay?" Now that I think about it, we must've looked silly yelling to each other from opposite sides of the street like that. Haha. Anyway, we each bid each other good night, and I kept walking.

But then when I'd just about arrived at my dorm I stopped again. For some reason I had this nagging feeling that I needed to turn around, go back, and speak to that girl again. Like hmm, there could be a valuable connection worth making here. So I went back the way I came. She was still pacing slowly, but on my side of the street now, and rather than being weirded-out she waved when she saw me approaching.

I explained that I'd just wanted to know what song she was singing, since it sounded like Japanese and I happen to study the language. She informed me that she was actually singing in Korean (dang earmuffs!), Park Bom's "Don't Cry" to be exact. She's Korean and goes by "Shay", and she frequently practices singing while walking around outside because she's a little shy about singing around others, and she sings too loudly even for the practice room in her dorm. Basically Shay loves to sing but is a little hesitant about actually being heard or drawing attention to herself. We're like timid kindred spirits!

Long story short, we chatted a bit more, I complimented her again and asked her questions about her singing, I told her that I sing a bit too, and then she had me put my number in her phone. I repeatedly urged her not to forget to text me or something so that I'd have her number too. Then maybe we could hang out or even jam together (Hilena included? Ohhh that would be cool.) So hopefully she contacts me soon. And hopefully she didn't stay out there for too much longer, because this Michigan winter cold is nothing to play with!

That has to be one of the most random interactions I've ever had with someone on the street, and after midnight at that. But it was random in an oddly casual and natural way. Like that exchange was supposed to happen for a reason. Maybe I've just made a new musical friend? Or just a regular friend is cool too. I don't know. But whether I hear from her or not, I have a feeling that I'm going to remember this for a very long time. I'm inspired.

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