Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sessions with Sue 27

It took me a week to write this because I don't really have anything to say about our first session of the semester last Friday the 23rd. All I did was basically catch Sue up on what's happened in my life during the four or five weeks that've passed since our last session.

You know, since starting in November 2013 I'd always assumed that I would need to be in therapy until I graduate. I figured I'd need to get all the help I could get, since after graduating I'll leave the area and thus be left to deal with my issues on my own without anyone to talk to in depth. (The idea of getting to know a new therapist and having to recount my life story allll over again seems too daunting to be worth it.) But for the past couple months I feel like we've just been chatting. No grand discoveries, epiphanies, or the like. Just talking for talking's sake (and because I never consider cancelling until it's too late, and she needs to be paid). So now I'm wondering how long I actually need to continue counseling.

However, despite my concerns (doubts? boredom?) I think I'll stick with it for now. It gives me a reason to get out during the day on Fridays, since I don't have class. Plus, even if it just feels like chatting, it's still an opportunity for me to actively have a conversation with someone, which isn't something I do often during the week since I largely stay to myself. We'll see if I change my mind, but I guess for now I'm okay with the same ol' same ol'.

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