Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ma!

Today was my mom's --th birthday! We'd already celebrated on Saturday because I wouldn't be able to be with Ma today to celebrate. However I asked one of her best friends Ms.Yvette to do something with her because I didn't want her to spend her birthday alone, I knew she wouldn't celebrate otherwise, and because I'm a hypocrite.

Can you believe that Ma was too stubborn (too scared?) to ask Ms. Yvette herself? She actually tried to forbid me from asking. Claimed she wanted to be "considerate" because it's a "work night". Pssshh. Well it's a good thing that I didn't listen to her protests and contacted Ms Yvette anyway. While they were out to dinner Ms. Yvette texted me this picture of Ma with a red velvet cupcake! Ma told me later that they'd had a really good time. You see? Sometimes meddling can be good, right?

Seeing Ma with her free cupcake was so special to me because it's our tradition for her to get me red velvet cake or cupcakes on my birthday, but last time I had green tea ice cream instead. (And usually, the red velvet is just for me and we don't share it together.) So it made me so incredibly happy to see Ma receive her own red velvet treat, on a day that she might've otherwise spent alone and let pass like any other day.

Happy Birthday,  Ma!

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