Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goodness, I'm crying.

Scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions today and happened upon this powerful interview. What I catch of daytime talk show 'The Real' is only the clips that they put on YouTube, and they're usually only the most funny, contentious, or gossip-worthy (occasionally mind-numbing) moments. They try to balance it out and be thought-provoking from time to time, but this is the first segment that's actually touched my heart and made me cry.

Adrienne. Wow. Hers is the exact same reason why I stopped singing. Or rather, why I never really put myself out there in terms of performing in front of others and developing my skill. (I've always been singing and writing, but I keep it to myself). I grew up listening to Adrienne's unique voice and it's shocking to learn that one of the most talented vocalists out there, who's actually had some measure of success, has the same securities I do about making music. Lord have mercy.

Sista Adrienne, thank you for sharing your story, and please don't be scared anymore. And Auntie Tamar, thanks for using your experience to offer some wisdom on what's worth caring about for an artist.

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