Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Current Podcast Diet

Below is a list of my current podcast diet, in order of familiarity. The ones I listen to most are in bold. I might spend more time writing about each one later (like I've already done with The Read). But right now I just wanted to leave this list here because I've been listening to podcasts almost around the clock recently, plus it's a convenient excuse to introduce a particular episode that is affecting me as I write this.

Love Hour (Kevonstage/Kevin Fredericks and Melissa Fredericks)
The Read (Kid Fury and Crissle West)
The Black Dad Podcast (Jamal Press and Murphy)
Another Round (Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton)
The Friend Zone (Assante, Dustin Ross, and HeyFranHey) 
MMHMM, GIRL (Lola and Babs)
Last Name Basis (Chescaleigh/Francesca Ramsey and Patrick)
For Colored Nerds (Brittany and Eric)

I'm currently listening to an episode of For Colored Nerds titled "Anything But Silence". Until this moment I'd never heard of writer Ashley Ford. But as I listen to her story about having a seemingly unfeasible passion, loving to write, not being able to thrive in situations she doesn't care about, and being prompted by long-held shame and guilt to share as little of herself with others as possible, yet still striving to develop and project her voice... she. is. me. Thank you for talking about your journey to becoming a professional writer and what you believe art is for. Bless you. If anybody's reading this, I hope you give this a listen and that it reminds you of something you've let go of in some way.

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