Wednesday, September 2, 2015

OddDreams: Studio session, video shoot, and "You deserve this"

I had this dream sometime last week, and since I still remember it I figured I'd write about it.

Within the span of the same day or two consecutive days, two things happened. First, I saw photos posted on FB of one of my new jazz friends' studio sessions recording her demo. Second, I came across the full version of "It G Ma". Both of those occurrences formed the foundational material of the dream that I'm about to describe to you.

The beginning of my dream was set in an album recording with the incomparabale Scott Gwinnell and a considerable group of other venerable jazz artists. I was the only vocalist there, and everyone treated at me as if I was the woman of the hour, saying things like "You've got chops" and "You deserve this".

Then the dream shifted, and the jazz musicians were replaced with various Korean and Japanese rappers and hip-hop artists. Scott Gwinnell in particular was replaced with Tablo, the frontman of popular and well-respected Korean rap trio Epik High. But even though the vibe and all the people around me changed, they were still treating me like I was the greatest vocalist alive, telling me "You've got this" and "You deserve this".

Then what started as an album recording turned into some sort of film shooting (for a music video? some special artsy film project? I have no idea). And then Karl Lagerfeld pops out of nowhere, looking me up and down and repeatedly patting my hand and my arm, telling me how beautiful I am and repeating what everyone else had previously said, "You deserve this".

And that's all I remember before waking up.

Is this supposed to be my neon green light, my big "GO!" signal? This singing thing, could it actually become a real thing for me? Hmm.

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