Friday, September 11, 2015

Cringeworthy Customer/White People Trying Too Hard

Since I'm on this writing about work tip at the moment, I've decided to share an awkward moment that I posted about on Facebook three weeks ago. Prepare to cringe. And if you happen to be of the well-meaning vanilla variety,  use this as an opportunity to reflect and reform. Sometimes y'all try to do too much and think speaking your notion of Blackinese will make us feel more comfortable, when a simple "See you later, enjoy the rest of your day" or "Please and thank you" would suffice:

In today's episode of "White People Trying Too Hard"

Customer (nice-enough young white guy): Could you help me find a book by David Hair?

Me: Sure. David...?

Customer: Yeah. David as in, well, David. And Hair as in "Gurl yo' hair looks good." *nervous chuckle*

Me: *keeps eyes averted, typing away, pretending I hadn't heard that*

Y'all. My vanilla brothers and sisters. I don't know who's been giving you misinformation, but I promise you, PROMISE you that you don't have to try so hard. Maybe you mean well, but it only makes things awkward for the both of us. If you just talk to us like regular people, we will understand.

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