Monday, November 23, 2015

Talking with Yasmin 6

Again, not much to report from last Thursday's appointment. Yasmin's a good listener but other than that I don't get much from her. Still debating on whether/when to bring up meds. Or maybe I need to start over and find a new therapist altogether. Meh, who knows. Notes:
  • It's okay to not be good at things; you don't have to excel or even be remotely good at every single thing you do
  • To quit the boring, draining part-time job or not to quit the boring, draining part-time job; that is the question
    • Feeling like a robot doing the same thing all the time, over and over; but aren't I too young to be feeling like a robot already?
  • Having to face the fact that you're the fat girl that you never wanted to be (or at least, that's how you see it). Been trying to fix yourself your whole life; haven't succeeded yet and feel like you've left little Danielle down

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