Saturday, November 14, 2015

That's not my name!

That moment when someone attempts to modify or erase you by tacking on a nickname that you didn't authorize, and you correct them on it, and they just brush it off with "Ok well anyway..." as if your name and what you prefer to be called are inconsequential.

Customer (over the phone): Now, what's  your name?

Me: Danielle.

Customer: Danielle? 

Me: Yes, Danielle.

Customer: Ok. I'll go ahead and just call you Danny for short--

Me: Danielle is fine. Now what was it you were looking for?

I put up with "sweetheart" and "hon/honey" and "dear" *shuddershuddershudder* because, you know, men are everywhere (in my experience men are generally the main utterers of these outdated patronizing pats-on-the-head in verbal form), this is retail, I'm trying to be nice to people, pick your battles. But my name is mine. MINE. How are you gonna get casual with a complete stranger enough to ask them their name, and confirm that you heard their name correctly, only to give them a nickname of your own choosing just because it's convenient for you? Without even asking if it's ok with them? Or acknowledging your misstep when they correct you?

Nah. Danielle is fine.

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