Saturday, September 28, 2013

Laugh the Pain Away

Ma came to visit me for the first time this semester. Sometimes I joke about my mom being my best friend and the only person who enjoys hanging out with me, like it's a sad thing. But I'm actually glad that we're so close. We've endured a lot of pain together that has drawn us closer. No one understands what we've gone through like we do.
Even amidst unthinkable suffering, people sometimes day, "One day we're going to laugh about this." Today, Ma and I did. Over 10 years have passed and we are able to laugh at those painful memories and the causes of our mutual suffering that still live on today. It's not that it doesn't hurt anymore. It's just that we've been sufficiently removed from those hard times so that we can now look back at what happened, accept what it was, and laugh in its face.
Maybe one day, if we keep laughing, there will be no pain left to feel. Maybe, just like how circumstances and certain people have made us feel small, we can whittle the pain down with our laugter. Whittle it down until it withers and fades,  until it dims and dwindles, folding into itself and eventually disappearing. Leaving nothing behind but light hearts and peace of mind.
Until then Ma and I continue forward, laughing together along the way.

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