Saturday, September 21, 2013

Night Walk 3

I cross campus heading west. A girl talks on her phone while walking with a pair of friends: "I wish I was being more social."
At least you have friends to walk with you at night while you're being insufficiently social.

Near the campus hotel.  A guy passes me, phone attached to ear, who apparently hadn't watched the game today: "Are we winning? Wait... what? They won? Are you serious? Ohmygod..."
So much for an undefeated season.

I exit campus, turn a corner, wander down a street heading back east. This is the Avenue of Gaieties, Wasted Money and Well-Spent Time.

A quick stop at a popular spot, known for its cloudy and slightly sweet tea of Taiwanese origin. Young white employees work with laid-back dispositions. The music playing in the background challenges all customers present, "I've been getting money, where the f*ck you been?"

In the front corner of this popular tea spot, a girl assures her three friends over a game of Apples to Apples, "Divorce isn't so bad, really."
Yes, I suppose there are worse things.
"My mom has been divorced twice."
Guess people don't always learn the first time.

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