Sunday, September 15, 2013

Night Walk 2

I pass the library, which is looming yet empty. The fountains in front of it perform a duet as their waters go slapping away. It is as if their droplets and waves are playing a children's hand-clapping game with each other.

From outside the music building I hear a tuba playing upstairs. Inside, first floor, a bass. Downstairs and down the halls, an alto sax, then a piano, then a clarinet, then a violin. Each in their own rooms, playing music quickly then softly, slowly then loudly. Making mistakes and stopping to collect themselves, making mistakes and continuing on, making no mistakes at all.

I leave the building and keep walking, turn a few corners, go the wrong way, turn around. A guy and a girl are dancing near some bike racks. In the moonlight/streetlight, jumping and spinning and gyrating to some "hit" song that no one will remember in 3 years. They see me coming, watching them. But they are joyous and are thus in no hurry to regain their composure as they shuffle out of my away.

Heading "home", I cross paths with a group of friends retreating from the Avenue of Gaieties, Wasted Money and Well-Spent Time. A girl yells at one of her guy friends, "No, Kyle! I will NOT marry you!"

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