Monday, December 30, 2013

100 Things That Happened This Year (part 1)

I saw that someone had done a list like this on Facebook, and I thought it would be a good thing to do to help me reflect on this year and be more grateful. Y'all should give it a try too if you have the time. If today and tomorrow won't give you enough time, there's always next year. Anyway, here goes, in no particular order:
1) I started practicing yoga.
2) I started this blog.
3) I went to Arizona for a week.
4) I went to Japan for two months.
5) My dog turned 10.
6) I turned 21.
7) My mom decided to stop relaxing her hair.
8) I told a few people about this blog, and a few started reading it.
9) I took the JLPT.
10) I moved into a single room in my dorm, just me myself and I.
11) I went to a Christian conference that changed my life.
12) I joined an Asian Christian fellowship/bible study group and became acquainted with some pretty cool people.
13) I told my best friends about my secret, super embarrassing dream of becoming a singer-songwriter.
14) I started writing songs again.
15) Madiba passed away, and I cried.
16) I started seeing a therapist.
17) I participated in a Japanese-English blog project and got paid for it (my first time earning money in college!).
18) I became a volunteer at an animal shelter.
19) I changed churches.
20) I discovered Fela Kuti.
21) I read 3 French-language novels, 2 French-language plays, and 4 French-language short stories
22) I stopped calling my dad on the phone.
23) I decided that I definitely do not want to go to grad school anytime soon.
24) I auditioned for the Black Power Rally.
25) I joined YouTube and Instagram again.
26) I had a pretty spectacular karaoke night with my best friends for my birthday.
27) Ma, me, Madison, Ma's friend, and her daughter had an all-girls Thanksgiving together.
28) I started watching TV regularly again/keeping it on for background noise.
29) I went to a club for the first time, and met Talib Kweli!
30) My president started his second term.
31) I read over 20 books.
32) I developed a crush on a guy friend of mine, but got over it quickly.
33) I came to enjoy eating tomatoes.
34) People remembered my birthday.
35) I started planning out two of my life goals. (Ms. founder/CEO, here I come!)
36) I had a really terrible roommate experience. But it taught me a lot about myself and how to deal with difficult people/people in general.
37) I got a marketing internship but then gave it up because it didn't feel right to me, and I knew I couldn't commit to it like I'd thought.
38) Japanese/Asian-style karaoke!
39) Ma booked us a trip to San Francisco.
40) I was able to spend time with my friends from elementary/middle/high school in between returning from Japan and heading back to school.
41) I didn't have to pull an all-nighter (never have).
42) Milk tea, Japanese curry, green-tea flavored snacks, and takoyaki!
43) I finally got up the courage to go to French conversation tables at my school.
44) The University of Loo-uh-vuhl won the NCAA Championship and I made sure folks knew about it.
45) Summer Skype dates with Ma every Thursday, 7 PM Japan Time.
46) I got a video camera and actually used it for a little while.
47) I developed a strange fondness for public transportation (thanks to JR trains, subways, the Shinkansen).
48)  My family did a collective fast.
49) I got my first parking ticket.
50) I started keeping a daily journal because Sue told me to, and it's turning out to less of a task than I thought it would be.

Check out part 2 to find out what else has happened for me in 2013!

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