Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I'm honored to be alive.

For me, every year there's always something wonderful about walking around on December 3rd and knowing Today is my birthday.

Any complaint or negative thought I could have, I just follow it with, "...but it's my birthday!"and it's like everything's all better. It makes me giddy.

Last night I was feeling really down, for no significant reason. I was tired and stressed. But midnight came, and I saw that "12/3" on my alarm clock, and nothing else mattered. I called Ma at that moment. She didn't even say hello; she just answered the phone singing "HAAAAPPY BIIIIIRTHDAY, HAAAAPY BIIIIRTHDAY, HAAAAPY BIIIRTHDAY TOOO YOUUUUUU!" Once I regained my breath after laughing so hard, I thanked her for raising me and keeping me alive for 21 years.

It's my birthday, y'all. I know I just posted a prayer about being ungrateful and from day-to-day it's hard for me to stay positive about myself and my life. Nonetheless, I know that I am still here for a reason, and being able to celebrate another birthday is a beautiful blessing. God has allowed me to see 21 years, and I am thankful.

I'm honored to be alive.

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