Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Things People Give Me #8 (Birthday Edition!)

I wasn't going to do this for my birthday, because I like to write about occasions when I receive something unexpectedly (as opposed to on a day when people are supposed to give me things). But I know that I haven't written one of these posts in a while, and I wanted to share this humbling experience with you.

As you know, yesterday was my birthday. But it was also the birthday of a residence hall staff member who lives on the same floor as me. Let's call her G. Two days ago I was really stressed and wanted to do anything but work, so I figured, why not make a birthday card for G? I did, but it was very basic and plain. A half sheet of printing paper folded in half, with a flower drawn on the front and a short message on the inside. The message went something like, I know I don't know you, but I saw that today's your birthday. And since we have the same birthday, well... Happy Birthday! Something like that.

I forgot to mention that I've never met G. I learned about her birthday from a bulletin board in the hallway a while back. Yesterday morning, I slipped the card under her door and went about my day.

This afternoon, I returned to my room after classes and found that this had been slipped under my door.

G made me a card in return! How kind is that? Hers is like a supercard, though. She wrote a message in a real card, then stapled it inside of a construction paper card that she had cut out and decorated. It opens like a book, with candy canes taped between the construction paper and stock pages. Her message:
Thanks so much! It meant a lot. Next Semester I will try my hardest to get to know you and the other girls.... I wish you a very Happy Birthday as well. I'm glad you're here also.
Sincerely, G
P.S.- I didn't know what flavor you liked so please enjoy both. :) I hope you like them. I know I do. The orange one is sour patch kids. :)

Wow. This was such a wonderful surprise. Maybe I should make birthday cards for strangers more often. Thanks for your kindness and creativity, G!

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