Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Respect your momma!

Walked in the door, turned on the TV, and caught the tail end of an argument on 'Teen Mom 2' between a young woman and her mom that really set me off.

I wish I would talk to my mom like some of our vanilla brothers and sisters be talking to theirs. This person gave you life, and you have the nerve to call them a "b***h"? I don't care if your momma stole your man, ate your Halloween candy in your face, sold your stuff, took all your money, humiliated you in public, hurt you, lied to you, told you that you were nothing, and forgot your birthday. You don't talk to your mom like that, let alone any woman.

If I tried any such thing with Ma, I'd be six feet under before anyone even thought to look for me.

Geez.Young people don't seem to have respect for anyone these days.

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