Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Three days off. Count 'em. THREE!

The semester started yesterday, and I haven't gone to a single class yet.

Monday: Classes cancelled due to the snowstorm that swallowed the city from Saturday night to Monday morning. Snow day.

Tuesday (today): All classes before noon cancelled. So I got up, put on decent clothes, went downstairs for breakfast and was ready to go to my remaining classes.... and SURPRISE! All classes before 5pm cancelled. Another snow day for me.

Wednesday: All classes cancelled. The professor who teaches both my classes that day will be away in Chicago.

Friday: No Friday classes in my schedule this semester.

Which means, out of the four-day school week that I'm supposed to have, I'm only going to class one day. Assuming nothing happens to rule Thursday out too.

I could've stayed my behind at home for all this.

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