Thursday, June 18, 2015

Midnight Omelet

No work tomorrow = up late
Boredom + plentiful produce = late-night breakfast

The clock struck 12, I didn't feel like going to bed, and it suddenly occured to me that 1) I hadn't eaten very much for breakfast this morning and 2) I hadn't eaten any eggs in a few days. Conclusion: let's make an omelet!

For starters I fried two slices of thick-cut bacon, then blended 3 eggs in a bowl. Once I'd set the bacon between paper towels to drain, I cut an avocado and spooned out the flesh, then chopped about 6 grape tomatoes and measured out 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese. Using the residual grease from the bacon I poured the egg mixture into the skillet and quickly topped it with the avocado and tomatoes. Then I lightly layered over them with the mozzarella and bacon, followed by pouring a 4th blended egg over the whole thing and letting the omelet cook for few seconds. Then I covered the skillet with a pan to let the omelet simmer for 5-ish minutes, and... done! As you can see I decided to leave this omelet open-faced; 'twas my first time making an omelet this way. Sometimes you get in the kitchen and just throw stuff together, and it works!
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Peace, Love, and Food (Every Now and Then)

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