Monday, June 1, 2015

My First Job! :)

So... today was the first day of my first job ever! As of today, I'm working part-time at a certain bookstore near my hometown. It's a small start, and I'm overwhelmed with information after today's orientation, but I'm so very excited! Deela? The bookworm? Working in a bookstore? That's a no-brainer, and a surprise to no one who knows me. It's a perfect fit. I'm just really looking forward to learning and being able to contribute. Plus, I think having to work as part of a team and interact with customers on a daily basis will help boost by confidence in regard to social interactions.

It's funny because nothing about this post-grad life has worked out the way I'd originally envisioned, but at the same time things are working out just fine. The week before graduation I applied for this job, two days after graduation I went in for the first interview, the following week I went in for the second interview and was offered the job, and then I had orientation today. So finding employment three weeks after graduating isn't too shabby, I would say. It's a start. It's a start! And I don't know where any of this is leading me, but I feel good about the direction in which I'm going.  Here's to new beginnings and happy Mondays, y'all!

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