Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pledge Fever

Tons of brilliant and resilient young women around the country have crossed into "Divine Nine" NPHC black sororities over the past couple of months.

Two of my younger cousins just became Zetas.
A girl I've known from church just became an AKA.
A younger girl scout sister of mine from elementary school through high school just became a Delta.

And I'm sitting here like dang, maybe I missed out! The idea's always been tempting to me, being a part of such a historically prominent sisterhood that is deeply engaged in communities. Along with that, having the right to rep that sisterhood boisterously, loudly, and with dignity.... wherever I go.... for the rest of my life (trust and believe, joining a Divine Nine sorority or fraternity is truly a lifetime commitment). But then I consider all the butt-kissing I'd have to do just to get invited on the line (why is everything so daggone secretive?!), and the unmentionable things that hazing could bring. And so then the idea of being treated like crap in order to fit in a group, wear nice gear, throw down at step shows, and call my aggressors my "sisters" loses its appeal. Maybe it's not that bad, maybe it is just that bad, maybe it's worse. I've never been committed to the idea enough to go all in no matter what, and take my chances finding out.

But.... but. If I'd given it a little more thought and put in the effort, maybe I'd be throwing my hands up in a triangle and wearing red and white all the time, reppin' DST right now. My grandma was a Delta, so I might've been legacy. I mean my mom's birthday and Founder's Day are on the same day! That's gotta be a sign! And my grandpa is an Alpha. My dad is a Que (branded arm, dog bark, and all). The Divine Nine is practically in my blood! I don't know. Maybe I missed the boat. Anyway it's been on my mind.

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