Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Badonkadonk Pride/Subway Sucks

This is totally random, but I resent Subway using the "badonkadonk butt" in their new commericals as an example of the bad things people will gain if they don't eat their subs. I fail to understand how having a badonkadonk is a bad thing. In fact, I know that it's not. Having a big butt is a beautiful thing, and nothing to be ashamed of. Why do we still have all these women getting surgery to plump up their rears, doing zumba and squats, and shimmying around in these new wannabe "hip-hop" and "latin" exercise videos? Because even if they don't want to admit it, we big-butted girls have something that many women want! So Subway I'm gonna need you to have a seat and do better, because playing on people's insecurities and trying to shame our beautiful behinds is unacceptable. It's not our fault your food is bland and you need more sales. Now you're just being silly.
When I posted this statement on FB, someone commented with a predictable "They were targeting unhealthy badonkadonks, they didn't mean to offend anyone, they're only just trying to encourage a healthier living standard...." Blahdeblahdeblah. I get that, but Subway's way of presenting that is horrible. And who's to say whose badonkadonk is unhealthy? I think most people who have these "problems" naturally or acquired them through certain habits are aware of it and are reminded of it enough, everywhere they go. The message is clear, "There's something wrong with how you look. This is your fault. You should be ashamed of yourself." They don't need more of that from a company that's supposed to help them reach that healthier standard. Subway's been using this angle in their commercials for at least 6 years, and it's not encouraging at all; nor is it amusing or clever in the least. I stopped eating Subway two years ago because I couldn't stand the blandness anymore, and these commercials just gave me another reason to keep on keepin' on.

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