Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two More Weeks!

Today's the beginning of my last two weeks in America. Two weeks from today I will be taking off for 日本!

Ma and I started shopping for this trip on Friday, and today we went to the bookstore to buy a map of Japan. It's funny, on the way there I was complaining about how all these people I know from high school and college are already in their respective study abroad destinations, while I'm still here in Michigan lazing around the house. Everyone else's adventures have already started, and I still have to wait two more weeks for mine. I wish I could go now!

Then a curious thing happened once we got to the bookstore. As I approached the travel section I started getting major butterflies! I even had to take a deep breath to calm myself down. And when I selected the map that I was going to buy, I panicked. My tune changed so quickly. I'm scared. I'm not ready. Ma please don't make me go, Idon'twannago!

Of course Ma wasn't trying to hear it, but this really was a significant moment for me. Even after going to my study abroad program's orientation, looking through photos on Facebook that my friends who are already in Japan uploaded, and coming across the ONIGIRI van, I didn't really feel anything. But as soon as I touched that map in the bookstore today BAM! it hit me. I AM GOING TO JAPAN! I'm flying thousands of miles away, and I can't just go home to Ma at the end of the day when it stops being fun or when I don't want to be bothered with people anymore.  I'll be stuck. And I can't just get by hardly talking like I do here. I'll have to communicate to survive!

Welp, there's no turning back now. Let's just hope and pray that excitement will outweigh intimidation by the time I board my flight. Because I am all kinds of nervous right now.

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