Friday, May 10, 2013

BOOKS! (Better than Good Hair)

In the natural hair industry and blogosphere, Nikki Walton is regarded as an expert, if not THE expert. Ever since I got my last perm ever and started transitioning, I've visited her website Curly Nikki everyday. So when I found out that she wrote a book, I bought it right away! However, in true Deela fashion, I didn't read it right away because schooldevouredmylife. Anyway, I finally got to it and I finished it the other day.

Better than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous, Natural Hair! by Nikki Walton

This was a nice little read. Nikki tried to cover the main stages of having natural hair, from deciding to going natural to growing it out to even raising curly babies. It got boring at some points because not all of the sections apply to me right now. The book does read like something that's mostly for newbies. And some of the instructions for styling or hair-loving techniques sounded a little unrealistic to me; too involved and too time-consuming. But at least I have some ideas and encouragement to try something new. And I'll have a resource to return to if my hair ever reaches my butt, or if I get tired of it and decide to cut it all off again, or if I have children, etc.The main reason I ordered this book was because even though I'm proud of my hair and the progress I've made, I've been in a styling rut for the past year or so because schooldevouredmylife. So I'll definitely revisit this book in the future and make myself commit more time to experimenting with my hair. Thanks and congratulations, Nikki!

Favorite quotes:
"Why apologize for coming into your own, no matter what path you choose?" (p. 23)
"This is the hair God gave you, so therefore it is beautiful." (p. 27) 

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