Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dogs have healing powers?

This afternoon I got a terrible headache, so I decided to lie down on the couch and take a nap. I trained my dog Madison to interpret lying or sitting down as a sign for her to come near, so she came up against the couch to lay down under where I was lying. I started rubbing her tummy softly and slowly, since close contact with her always makes me feel better when I'm troubled. What happened next was extraordinary.

Usually whenever I start rubbing her tummy she thinks it's playtime and gets really excited, jerking and wiggling and growling on her back. But this time, she remained completely still and silent as if she understood that I wasn't feeling well. Once I fell asleep with my hand still on her tummy, I was filled with warmth. Not heat, but warmth. A warmth so intense at times that I felt nausea too. But not a nervous nausea, a nausea more like butterflies, as if something phenomenal was about to happen. During my nap I kept shifting and going in and out of consciousness, but I always had my hand on Madison's tummy or lower abdomen, and I continued to feel that warmth within me. Every time I moved she looked up to check if I was still sleeping, then she'd lay her head back down and continue being still. As crazy as it sounds, I felt like she was communicating with me. And it was good... until Ma came home and Madison rushed off to greet her. Because even though she's a terrible guard dog and apparently only has so much therapy potential, my dog is an awesome greeter.

Anyway, the moment was over. But you know what? When I got up I felt so much better. My headache was fainter, and I felt lighter, calmer, relieved. I don't know much about the healing power of dogs, but I'm pretty sure Madison had something to do with what happened to me today.

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