Thursday, May 7, 2015

Outings: Black Solidarity Reception

Black Solidarity Reception - Somewhere in Ann Arbor (7 May)

Dr. Lisa Cook, one of the most distinguished yet under-recognized professors in my department (James Madison College), invited all the black students of my department to her house this evening. Part reception to recognize graduating seniors such as my self. Part support group/strategy meeting to discuss our experiences and grievances with racism, discrimination, under-representation, disrespect, micro-aggressions, silencing, and a multitude of other racialized effed-up crap going on within our department and in the university more widely. Something is wrong y'all. And we're about to do something about it.

...But I shan't divulge our secrets. What happens in Jonas Salk's old house, stays in Jonas Salk's old house.

I will say, though, that I love black people. I love my people. I love us. Even when I'm not so sure that I fit in amongst them or have anything to offer them,  I am consistently awed and inspired by my people. We are phenomenal,  we matter, and we all we got. Looking back, I wished I would've taken more opportunities to reach out and engage with the black student community in my department. Had I known that I could've had such support, I might not have isolated myself so much. 

But enough about me. As I said,we're about to share our voices. Something is about to happen, and it won't be pretty. And it shouldn't be. Stay woke, y'all.

(5 down, 3 to go...)

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