Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pi Delta Phi

Yesterday, my afternoon started with yet another award ceremony. This time it was my induction into Pi Delta Phi, the National French Honor Society. It was short and intimate, held in a classroom with French department faculty members and the handful of us that were being inducted. Usually I try to avoid being in photos. But I was in such a good mood hearing all the French being spoken around me, knowing that the professors took time out of their day to recognize us, and having Nyasha there representin' as the only other black student there... so for memory's sake, I decided to take pictures with all of the professors present.

First was Professor V. Denzel, the MC of the induction. I haven't had her as a professor, but I think she teaches French theater and opera...? She's the one who coordinated this whole Pi Delta Phi thing.
Next, was Professor A. Norris, whom I've had for French literature and film courses in years past. Mostly focusing on World War II and the Holocaust in France. She's a lovely woman with a refreshing sense of humor. Nyasha and I first met and became friends in one of her classes!

And I couldn't not get a pic with Professor E. Ahmed, whom I've had for French phonetics and literature (mostly plays). Currently I'm taking his course on French theater dealing with themes of human passions and suffering (it's not as depressing as it sounds, I promise!). One semester I also did an honors option under his guidance about short stories in Marguerite Yourcenar's, Nouvelles Orientelles, and it was a fun exprience discussing and writing about such a captivating book!

Next was Professor A. Violin-Wigent, my current French Linguistics professor and the giver of French candy earlier this week. With all its confusing rules and theory and lingo, I'll be glad to leave her course behind me. But! I've definitely learned a lot in her class and appreciate her as a teacher. She's nicer than rumored to be, and her snarky humor is actually quite endearing. Plus she's really invested in helping her students understand as much as possible, which I can always appreciate.
And then we got a picture with Professor S. Babana-Hampton. I took two of her classes last year, one on Francophone culture and history around the world, the other on Beur (French people of North African origin or descent) literature and film. 
Last but not least, I can't forget my buddy Nyasha. You're a year behind me, but I've always looked up to you. When I first met you, I perceived you as one of those vibrant people whom everybody is enamored with, and I really wanted you to like me but figured you probably wouldn't think I was cool enough. I'm so incredibly glad that I was wrong, and that you accepted me as a friend. I have learned so much from you about life, being a good person, being driven, Zimbabwe, confidence, and just being flyyy in general. I've had so many laughs thanks to you, and I am forever grateful. Thank you for being a friend! I'm gonna miss you! Try not to forget about lil' ol' me when you're out in the world being a boss lady, ok? And congratulations on making Pi Delta Phi, too!

Also, thanks to all the French professors for investing your time and energy into students like me. Thanks to you all, I believe that French language and culture will always be a part of my life. Additionally I thank you for expressing your confidence in me and my future going forward. I will do my best not to take for granted all that I have gained from the French program. Un grand merci à vous tous!  (3 down, 5 to go...)

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