Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Session with Sue 39 (FINAL)

Alas, my year and a half journey with Sue has come to an end! Today (Monday) was our last session. Of course, I still have a ways to go. But having someone to talk to has made all the difference, and I'm going to miss it. A million thanks and blessings to you, Sue, for guiding me along this journey. I'm eternally grateful for all the work you do, and for all you've done for me along the way. For anyone interested in knowing about Sue, visit her profile here. For more about the office she works for, Diversity Psychological Services, visit their website here.
  • What would you say has been your best and worse year(s) in college?
    • Best: junior year, the fullest year; tried a lot of different things, met some really good people, and went through some really good changes
    • Worst: freshman and senior year; both transitional years in which I was stressed out and terrified about being in a new situation/not knowing what was to come
  • What would you want to get out of therapy if you were to find someone to talk to back home?
    • Learning to affirm for myself that I can make my dreams happen, even while pursuing something practical to sustain myself in the meantime; Not feeling bad and disappointed in myself about having to be back home in the first place (not harping on it or punishing myself for it, etc.); Working on listening to my wiser mind and not isolating myself just because I "don't feel like" doing anything/going anywhere/being around anybody; Feeling good about myself apart from weight loss
  • Maybe look for a black woman as your next therapist?  Have that extra commonality/connection that will might help progress? Maybe it won't make a difference either way, but it's something to consider
  • What Sue wants for you most is a solid sense of community; where you feel you belong and can trust people with all that you are
  • When you feel confident about your skills/what you can do, the more likely you are to feel like you belong in whatever setting you happen to be in
  • Ma researching info about clinical depression and trying to find a psychological office for you; shows how she's committed to expanding her knowledge and understanding so she can support you even more than she already has.
  • Pastor Marvin's message about passivity this past Saturday; you want to become more vocal so you don't keep as much to yourself; converse more with people and let people know more about how you feel and what you're thinking; be more open and honest more active than passive
  • You have thoughts, opinions, ideas, convictions, strong feelings; what you've got going on up there is worth saying out loud; hopefully you'll find a way to share it, even if it's just with one person (like your new therapist, perhaps)

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