Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Smoothie Tuesday (Tropical Passion)

Another day, another Tuesday, another smoothie. Today's choice was another Blogilates recipe, one that she calls her Tropical Passion Smoothie. The only change I made to it was using cherries instead of strawberries, since I didn't have any strawberries and also didn't feel like going to the grocery store for the third time in five days.

But I feel like I enjoyed this smoothie more than I would've the original recipe, because I haven't eaten cherries in a while. Plus it's always nice to try something different. Reacquaint yourself with flavors you've forgotten, you know.

Anywhoo, this takes no time at all. Take a banana, about 30 cherries, almond milk, orange juice, and ice. Blend it all together, and there you have it.

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