Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hikone Port

I've been sick since Monday and I'm tired of it! I'm ready to be well! I'm getting there slowly but surely.

Morning: Psalm 92

"potato salad pan"
Because I have so much to do to prepare for class everyday, I'm usually a hermit on weekdays. Besides going to Beisia, I don't really go out. But we don't have class tomorrow, and there was no need to rush and do homework.... so I went outside. I was out for almost 3 whole hours, y'all!

I went for a walk with a fellow JCMU student named Loritta. Loritta is in the environmental science program here, so even though I see her around I don't know her very well. But I ran into her right after class and she said going for a walk would help me feel better, so I figured why not? We headed to Hikone Port, stopping at Vidal on the way. It was around 3pm when we got to the bakery so the lady didn't have much left. Most of what remained were savory breads. I bought two of them.

Once we got to Hikone Port we walked to the end of the pier and just sat and talked, our feet dangling over the water. Turns out Loritta has a very interesting story and we have a lot in common! With the beautiful weather and the waves rolling right beneath us, the whole experience was so wonderfully pleasant. It was Loritta's idea to go for a walk and she'd been wanting to sit on the pier, so I'm glad I decided to go along. And she was right; after we came back I felt a little better!

70 Days in Kansai photos

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