Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I've Learned So Far in Japan! (Vlog #1)

Morning: Psalm 81

As promised, I made a vlog today! It's way longer than I'd anticipated, probably too long. However, I'm  glad that I committed and got it done. I took a nice walk along Biwako (Lake Biwa) looking for a place to shoot this thing. The weather was absolutely perfect and I was surprised to see so many people out with their friends and family.

YouTube wouldn't give my video a thumbnail and I'm too low on the radar to come up in YouTube searches on Blogger, so I can't post my video the same way as I do others. Once you get a comfortable seat, just click the VLOG LINK HERE, and enjoy! The screen shot below is just for proof's sake.

*UPDATE 6/17* YouTube added a thumbnail and I was able to find my video through Blogger, so just click the play button below!

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